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For those of you who join in September ...
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worth the cost of the membership for the whole year aleady!

for FOUR
to the MAIZE in Shallowater

that can be used ANYTIME
during this 2006 Fall Season!

(A value of up to $32!)
more about the Maize>


Have coffee and dessert with a friend or use it towards one of their marvelous meals!
(A value of $10 bucks!)
more about Stella's>

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A Note From
Sandy Parker

For the last three years, I have compiled the calendar, written the weekly Postcard and watched our membership grow! We now have more than 13,000 people who get our weekly Postcard every week. Wow. It's a blessing and I really appreciate the opportunity to serve each of you and help us all find the fun!

Now I find myself wanting to do more for our members. First, there are some very cool opportunities that simply cannot be offered in vast numbers.

I also need to be sure that you want the services we are able to offer. (No spamming here! Only requested information ... and that requires an upgrade in our services.)

So I'm asking you to become a V.I.P. members ... so I can notify you of important things (that match your interest) and bring other things to you throughout the year like:*
* Special Offers
* Freebies
* VIP Seating and early entries to things when possible
* Good deals, etc.

I hope you will join as a VIP. I'm looking forward to upgrading the services we offer and increasing the special things I can bring our way with the help of local businesses who value our organization and members!

The Fun Lady!

Here I am imitating
Marilyn ... just a crazy picture but it makes me laugh!

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