at At'l Do

(thats West Texan
for " that will do")
in Shallowater
5 miles northwest of Lubbock

September 15 to
November 24, 2007

12 acres of Farmin' Fun!

Phone 763-5594

"Outlaw's BBQ"
Serving barbecue on the weekends.
Brisket sandwiches, sausage wraps, hot dogs,
chips,drinks and more. So come out early, have dinner together,
and enjoy a lovely evening out with the family!

Every week,
the Lubbock Fun Club draws a winner for a
Family Fun Pack that includes:
Admission for 5, Hayride for 5, 15 shots at Corn Cannon,
Cow Train Ride for 5 and a real pumpkin!

Click here to
send an email
with your name and phone # .

If you are the winner, you will receive an email.

Hours of Operation through November 24
Monday-Thursday 5 pm - 9 pm Open to Groups (by reservation)

Friday 5 pm - 9 pm General Admission

Saturday 10 am - 9 pm General Admission

Sunday 2 pm - 9 pm General Admission

(last week!!!)
November 21 - 24
Wednesday Nov 21st - 2-9pm
Thursday Nov 22nd - Thanksgiving Day 2-9pm
Friday Nov 23rd - 2-9pm
Saturday Nov 24th - Closing Day 10-9pm

Mailing Address
5430 CR 5800
Lubbock, Texas 79415
2007 Season
Opening Date:
Saturday, September 15
Closing Date:
Saturday, November 24

Driving Directions
From 4th and Frankford: Go 7 miles North on Frankford (FM 2528) to FM 1294. Turn left on FM 1294 and go 3/4 of a mile.
From I 27: Take Shallowater Exit. Go 6.5 miles West on FM 1294.
From Shallowater: Go 2 miles East on FM 1294.

Just so you'll know!
A grill is available for you to use upon request for $5.
Please call to reserve.

Bring your flashlights after dark!

Strollers and wagons are welcome

Teens and Adults (maze only) $7.00
Ages 4-12 (maze only) $5.00
Children under 3 Free
Group rate $1 off

Barnyard & Campfires
Corn Cannon - 3 shots for $1
Cow Train - $1
Hayride - $1
Pumpkins and gourds - $.25-$6

Contact Information
General Hotline/Home - 806.763.5594
Phone: Patti 806.787.4241
Phone: James 806.787.4222

Special Events:

Calling all Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
Come to the maze with your troop and test your sense of direction. Special scout passports are available for you to use to help guide you along the correct path. Scout patches are available for $1.

Birthday Parties
Its fun! Its adventurous! Its something different! Come celebrate your birthday at the maze. You are welcome to bring food, cake etc. and you can call to reserve space under the tent. Group rates apply. The Birthday boy/girl is Free!

College Students and Military
Present your college or military ID and receive $2 off admission (can not be combined with any other discount)

Church Groups
Bring your church group out for a fun time of fellowship. You are welcome to sing and have devotions. Ask us about our Pumpkin Patch Devotion! We can email it to you to use.

The Rock Wall
Back by popular demand! The rock wall will be at the Maize every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening from 5-10. Cost is $5/climb with a free climb if you make it to the top.

Field Trips
Bring your class to the Maize for a real "field" trip.Fun and educational. 8am-3pm, Mon-Fri. To reserve a specific date and time call Patti at 806.763.5594 or 806.787-4241. You select :
"The Maize" $2
Hayride $1
Pumkins $.25, $1, $3
Cowtrain $1
Corn Cannon 3 shots/$1
Corn suckers $1
Barnyard and hay bale mazes are free. The maze and hayride are free for teachers and chaperones.
We have a covered tent area you can reserve if you would like to bring a picnic lunch. We also have a concession stand with drinks and snacks. Check out the "Classroom in the Corn" curriculum.

Personalize The Maize!
We have triva games you can play going through the maize that help guide you along the way and make it alot of fun. You can create you own game and personalize it for birthdays, parties, ect. Just let me know and I can give you the answer key!

EACH WEEK through November 24... the LUBBOCK FUN CLUB will hold a drawing for a FAMILY FUN PACK that includes: Admission for 5, Hayride for 5, 15 shots at Corn Cannon, Cow Train Ride for 5 and a real pumpkin! To enter your family, CLICK HERE ... and be sure and put your name and phone #. Drawing is held every Monday (beginning September 10) and winners will be notified by email. Persons who don't win this week will remain eligible for the upcoming weeks. Good luck! (Sorry, we don't notify persons who didn't win. There's not enough time in the day there are so many! Winners will be contacted by email.)

Lots of ways to enjoy the Fun!
Wondering what a visit to The MAiZE might entail? Do you fit the profile of a typical maze-goer?

Well ... good news ... because there are ENDLESS Ways to enjoy the maze ... and the real fun is in the JOURNEY! We had 7000 school kids and 20,000 total visitors last year. We are already excited and preparing for fall.
This is a perfect adventure for groups of all kinds by day or night - field trips, company outings, scouts, teambuilding, Birthday parties and church groups.

Pumpkin Pickin'
Pumpkin patches are ready for the picking and ornamental corn and gourds are also grown.

Corn Cannon and Cow Train Rides

Come and take your best shot with our corn cannon. Four shots for a buck. Hit the targets to win prizes. And take a ride around the farm on our cow train. Corn cannon is 3 shots for $1 Cowtrain is $1 each.

Hayrides and Campfires
Enjoy an old fashioned hay ride around the farm for $1. You can ride to the pumpkin patch to pick your pumpkin or just enjoy the scenery. Campfires begin each night at sunset. Smores and hot chocolate for sale in concession for 50cents.

Barnyard of Animals
Enjoy the barnyard of farm animals.

A covered tent area, concession stand, campfires, nice (and somewhat authentic) porta-potty-type working outhouses complete with crescent moon, working windmill and water pump are on the farm.

Mazes are seasonal and typically operate during the fall months of September and October, we are a natural choice for a Halloween destination and may give you the chance to pick out the perfect pumpkin to take home!

Creative ways to enjoy the Maize:
So whether you use one of our ideas or come up with a new one of your own, there's plenty of fun to be had and no two trips through the maze are ever quite the same. Here are a few reasons why...

1.) GOOD CLEAN FUN for kids! Kids love to run and explore ... and this is the perfect place to run off some energy and have fun finding their way out of the maze.

2.) FAMILY NIGHT! Whether it be husbands vs. wives, parents vs. kids, or even grandparents vs. grandkids, competitions for the best times through the maze are a regular favorite.

3.) DATE NIGHT! Couples, both unmarried and married, love to visit the maze on dates. Whether they stick together, split up and battle against each other for the quickest times, or create their own unique adventure (some have even come blindfolded!), they all share an experience they won't soon forget. Sitting by the fire is romantic and peaceful and who doesn't need that?

4.) WORK GROUPS and TEAM BUILDING: We've played host to many work groups seeking a teambuilding activity or escape from the busy office. Some have even reserved the maze for company parties.

5.) WORK YOUR BRAIN: Though the exit is certainly the desired destination, we believe the real fun is in the journey. Because of this, we've created a series of passports and riddle cards to make the search more interactive and entertaining.

6.) SCOUT TROOPS find the maze to be the perfect location to build unity and, in some cases, brush up on their orientation skills. The "Scouting Passports" we provide help make for a fun and educational activity.

7.) CHURCH GROUPS: Church groups seeking a good source of "clean" fun have also found opportunities to take away religious messages from their experience at the maze. A great way to maximize this type of visit is to use another of our Q&A guides.

8.) PARTIES: We've become a favorite destination for birthday parties as well. Why? Well there are lots of reasons, but our favorite theory is that birthday moms welcome the opportunity for the kids to run and play in a safe, fun, wholesome place where good times are easy to find!

9.) Entire high schools have enjoyed taking their rivalries off the ball field and into the cornfield! Some even take us up on our offer of pre-selling tickets as a unique fundraising opportunity.

10.) Though we certainly have no required dress code (except to remind you that this is a cornfield and sturdy shoes are usually helpful), we have been surprised at what some of our visitors have shown up wearing. Having a little fun and showing off their spirit, many have come in camouflage, their school colors, and even costumes during the Halloween season.

Our unique brand of good farmin' fun has an appeal that is perhaps most obvious to families. The perfect activity for kids, parents and grandparents, some of our favorite memories are of watching the bonding moments that take place as families work together to navigate their way to the exit. Believe it or not, it's the kids who usually take the prize for the best sense of direction!

Not everyone you encounter inside the maze will be lost. Because it's our goal to make sure that your journey is as easy or as hard as you want it to be, we've equipped each maze with "Corn Cops." These trained employees will not only ensure that rules are followed, but are happy to provide a helping hand and point you in the right direction if asked.

The bottom line is that there is no typical maze-goer. Regardless of who you are and which way you choose to enjoy the maze ... we have no doubt that you'll leave having found what you came looking for (with the possible exception of the exit - we can't make any promises there!)

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