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September 2016

September – October 6….“The OMNI’s Greatest Hits” Film Series - On a relatively frequent occasion, patrons ask if we have plans to bring back some of the iconic films that seem to define the Giant Screen documentary experience at the OMNI Theater. Usually, new films already scheduled don’t allow for this possibility. But our 2016 late Summer and early Fall film schedule has allowed an opening to re-introduce some of these legendary documentary films in a new film series entiled; “The OMNI’s Greatest Hits”. Each film being shown has been selected based on unsurpassed cinematography, compelling story, and previous popularity.
Line-up for “The OMNI’s Greatest Hits” film series:

The Living Sea: Showing July 15th through August 11th (Originally Released 1995)
The Living Sea celebrates the beauty and power of the ocean as it explores our relationship with this complex and fragile environment. Using beautiful images of unspoiled healthy waters, The Living Sea offers hope for recovery engendered by productive scientific efforts. Oceanographers studying humpback whales, jellyfish, and deep-sea life show us that the more we understand the ocean and its inhabitants, the more we will know how to protect them. The film also highlights the Central Pacific islands of Palau, one of the most spectacular underwater habitats in the world, to show the beauty and potential of a healthy ocean. Narrated by Meryl Streep and featuring songs and music by Sting.For additional film information visit:

Ring of Fire: Showing August 12th through September 8th (Originally Released 1991)
Viewers of Ring of Fire will come heart-stoppingly close to the great circle of volcanoes and seismic activity that rings the Pacific Ocean. Spectacular volcanic eruptions are featured, including
Mount St. Helens, Navidad in Chile, Sakurajima in Japan, and Mt. Merapi in Indonesia. Extensive aerial photography and computer animation help tell the story of the geologic forces that impact the ring and the lifestyles of the people who dwell on its fiery boundary.For additional film information visit:

Africa the Serengeti: Showing September 9th through October 6th (Originally Released 1994)
In a land where archaeologists have traced human life back two million years and where the indigenous Masai people tend cattle and maintain their unique customs, we are taken on an incredible journey into the wild Serengeti plains. Witness here a scene rarely seen by humans - The Great Migration. Follow more than two million wildebeests, zebras and antelope as they travel over 500 miles across the Serengeti. Filmed on location in Kenya and Tanzania, Africa: The Serengeti brings you spectacular vistas and dynamic aerials and features Africa's greatest predators - lions, crocodiles and cheetahs - in deadly pursuit of their migrating prey.

General Admission Ticket rates for OMNI Theater Films:
$8.00 Adults / $6.50 Children (3-12) / $6.50 Seniors (60+)
For show times visit or call 806-745-6299. Science Spectrum Museum, 2579 S. Loop 289.



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