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Visit all pages and come back often. Items will continue to change throughout November and
December. Photos in each column are followed with descriptions of the items and how to buy them at the bottom of each page. (scroll down to the yellow section to read.) In some cases you can click on the item and it will take you places. If so, it will say that.)

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! We are in the process of posting actual items with complete descriptions! If you are a FUN CLUB MEMBER, you will receive a notice by email.
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Christmas CD (click on above photo) by David Waldon, Post

Terri Wilson

Dirk West's SWC Cartoon Book REPRINTS ARE IN!

Peaceful Piano Music

Paul Pennell

Lamp Candles - New!

Woody Tire Company

Terri Wilson

Groovy Girls & Accessories
Rose Tea Pot

1 Pound Bags of Pecans
Lubbock Children's Home

Wolf Garden Tools
The Garden Patch

Terri Wilson

Zebra Striped Pillow
As Time Goes By

Cool Glassware
Rose Tea Pot

Christmas Carols on guitar provide lovely background for any holiday event or family setting. $15.00 Click here to order from web site. You may also call (806) 470-2957.

Romantic, relaxing,
sweet piano music.
Fresh air to the spirit!


Groovy Girls Dolls and accessories, backpacks, play centers, and more at Rose Tea Pot. Prices vary.

Ziggy & Me necklace
turquoise flower drop with nugget neclace. Click here to contact.

Ziggy & Me multi-strand necklace
Click here to contact.
Lamp Candles - the newest thing! Base is solid stand with
candle shade will burn 100-120 hours and slightly fragranced with vanilla, old world charm Height 19.75"
1 Pound Bag of Shelled Pecans This is great for anyone who likes to cook. Each purchase helps the Lubbock Children's Home!
$6.00 per bag donation
(available for local delivery after Monday, Nov 22) CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Zebra striped pillow (faux fur) gives flair to any room!
Purchase at As Time Goes By, 4426 34th, 795-0840

Dirk West's Book of cartoons special limited edition reprints ARE IN! You can buy them at Mr. Tom's, 3630 50th Street in Lubbock or call 766-7002 for more information.
$24.95 plus 8.25% tax
Ziggy & Me amber necklace is amazing. Click here to contact.Wolf-Garten Tools
These are the tools for avid gardeners. One handle can be purchased that will fit a variety of detachable heads such as rake, hoe, cultivator, or fish net. Other tools include your basic hand clippers, rose clippers, and swivel grass shears. Wolf-Garten tools are built to provide excellent service for many years.
$11.25 - $27.50
Buy at The Garden Patch

1311 Alcove Avenue

Cool Polka Dot Dishes jump out at you and say style.
Purchase at Rose Tea Pot.


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