Good Business

Small business owners across Lubbock are smiling in front of the camera.

A new television show, Good Business with Charlie Whisner, encourages owners of local businesses to speak up about what they have to offer consumers on the South Plains.

It's no secret that Lubbock is a small business friendly community. With 98 percent of its enterprise made of small locally owned businesses, that calculates to about 37,887 business owners that have something important to say.

Good Businesses Speak
for Themselves

The Good Business show allows them to do just that. Each thirty minute segment features five to seven business owners on the South Plains and takes viewers on a tour of the business and its surroundings. For most features such as Lubbock restaurants, and vendors, that means a quick stroll around the building. But the host of the show, Charlie Whisner, also finds himself occasionally near scaffolds, surrounded by reptiles, and out on the farm.

What makes your business special
"We go where we have to go. We just want to give all local business owners the opportunity to share with the public what makes their goods and services special." says Whisner. He adds, "There are so many great resources for the people of Lubbock to take advantage of. But they can't if they don't know what's out there."

Good Business is a cost effective way for owners to show what actually goes on inside the business. Each business owner gets four minutes to talk to viewers. After watching just one segment viewers will know what restaurant a mariachi band plays at on Thursday nights. They'll know how a certain massage therapist could help mothers get pain relief during pregnancy. Ever wonder who has specials running on spray in bed liners and other truck accessories? What if you and your canine need a haircut? Just turn on your TV for these and many more useful tidbits. Good Business with Charlie Whisner airs at 7:30am and 8:30pm and midnight Monday through Friday on Cox Cable Channel 78. It runs every weekday on Cox Cable Channel 9 at 11:30am. It runs every Saturday on UPN22 at 3:30, and you can also find Good Business with Charlie Whisner weekdays between 7 and 8am when your watching the KLBK13 morning news.

Lubbock's strong economy
The creation of mediums like Good Business and the high viewership cable television as well as Broadcast television receive, indicates that Lubbock citizens see the positive effects of maintaining and supporting a local economy. With such heavy support, Lubbock based businesses will continue to thrive which helps keep Lubbock's economy strong and that's good for all Lubbockites..

What other business owners have to say
Business owner and consumer, Clay Hoffman couldn't agree more that Good Business with Charlie Whisner and all other local programming can help boost local business. "I run Hoffman's Construction. We specialize in staining and weatherproofing wood fences. Since I office out of my home my business is less visible. On the Good Business show I can not only tell people how we can make their fence last longer, but I can show them what a treated fence looks like after three years of resisting west Texas weather. My segment has aired less than 2 weeks, and I have already gotten 3 jobs from it."

Clay Hoffman also uses the show to shop for his own business needs. "I buy my advertisement signs from Sign Pro." he laughs. Sign Pro is also featured on the Good Business Show.

The show's creator describes it like this, "Try to think of it as a video version of the yellow pages, with a guy holding a large microphone and bringing the business owner's personality on camera…Who doesn't want to know someone before they do business with them? We try to bridge the gap"

Local business owners interested in being on the show can call Charlie with W Productions at (806) 783-9768 for more information.

Put your Business in its
Best Light!

Businesses Speak Out
Charlie Whisner, of Wproductions, is experienced in all areas of video production. Using non linear editing technology and digital video, he can make any vision a reality.
He takes a great deal of pride in his work and believes the job is not completed until it is done right. Charlie has won many top honors in editing from the Texas Association of Broadcasters.

In addition, his digital short "Bloodline" has been seen at film festivals ranging from the Fiery Film Fest in New Mexico to the Shriekfest in Los Angeles.

Most recently, Charlie has begun campaigning to take the mystery out of movie-making and make it more accessible to people who wouldn't ordinarily have a chance to learn about the business.

W Productions has recently started a "talent division" that will involve many local actors and models This will bring more local opportunity for local talent to be seen.

can be seen in full
16 times per week
with segments daily on KLBK.

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W Productions.


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