Biggest Loser Contest Rules - Fall 2009

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Biggest Loser Contest - Fall 2009

Biggest Loser FALL 2009 Rules
and Information

All entries must be emailed to by midnight, September 27, 2009

*Contest begins Thursday, October 1st and ends on Saturday, November 19th, 2009.
*You must have a goal weight loss of a minimum of ten pounds to be able to enter the contest.
*The winner of the Biggest Loser will be determined by the combined total number of pounds lost per team. Teams will consist of two people and can be either the same sex, or male and female.
*You must have a partner to sign up with you. However, if you cannot find a partner, please contact Zach Ramsey at the Falls ( and you will be placed on a waiting list for those needing a partner. Current members of the Falls and non-members are welcome to join the contest. The fee is $45 per person.
* The first weigh-in is mandatory and must be done on Thursday, October 1st at the Falls between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. appointments made with Zach at the above email. You must also sign the Falls waiver and turn that in to the trainer that is recording your beginning weight.
*You will need to make every effort to attend the BIG LOSER WORKOUTS held every Tuesday @ 6:45 PM during the contest. The hour long workout will be held just for the Biggest Losers and will give you additional information and target training. You won’t want to miss this special workout as it is fun and offers a variety of challenges presented to you every week!
* WEIGH-INS ARE HELD EACH TUESDAY EVENING BEGINNING AT 6:15 P.M. PRIOR TO THE BIGGEST LOSER WORKOUT! Weigh-ins are mandatory and must be done at the Falls and recorded. In the event of an unavoidable circumstance, you must make arrangements with Beth or Zach to weigh in as close to Tuesday as possible! (See contact information below.)
*If you need childcare during your workout sessions, you have to make reservations for your children by calling the FALLS in advance. Reservations may begin on the Tuesday prior to the following week. It is highly recommended that you call in early to reserve! Cost is $5 per child for non members
*Keep your BIGGEST LOSER calendar handy to reference all events and important information.
*Visit the Falls website for daily tips on exercise and nutrition on the blog. (
*A copy of your exercise tracker will be kept at the front desk. Anytime you come in to the Falls for your workouts, you must stop and get your tracker stamped by the receptionist. You are to get in three, 30 minute (minimum) Cardio sessions, and two- 30 minute (minimum) Strength sessions per week. If you completed the 5 sessions, you get to check off your workouts on the posters provided by the aerobic room to show you are committed to your exercise routine. Do this each Monday for the prior week.
* In order to track your nutrition, you will be required to sign up on a special website designed to help you improve your eating habits and show you how to eat properly.
* Stay in contact with your team-mate! Use e-mail or phone and encourage each other toward your fitness goals!
*Pantry Makeover Day – Use this day to clean out your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer of any “temptations” that stand in the way of achieving your goal weight loss! Replace those unhealthy items with better choices for snacks and menu planning.
*Please RSVP to the Beth 3 days prior to the following:
1) Nutrition Seminar,
Thursday, October 15th, 11:30 a.m. @ United’s Market Street, 98th & Quaker Ave. We will show you how to read food labels and make healthy choices in the grocery store! Meet inside the west entrance at the Smoothie shop!
2) The Big Loser Luncheon,
Thursday, October 29th @ the FALLS Grille - Noon
3) The Biggest Loser Awards Party,
Thursday, December 10th
@ The FALLS Grille, 7:00 P.M.
* Please feel free to contact the Biggest Loser coaches anytime with questions or if you need help in achieving your goal weight loss!
Beth Cardinal : 806-789-3440, or
Zach Ramsey : 806-317-9295, or


* First place prize - Individual paid-in-full fitness only membership to the Falls for one year awarded to both members of the team that loses the most pounds during the contest. The first place prize will go to the top team out of the KCBD entrants and to the top team of the other contestants that are participating.
* All KCBD entrants will be given a free 2 week “fitness only” membership to the Falls for the month of October 2009 when entering the contest. KCBD will determine the four teams that will participate in the contest.
* Various prizes will also be awarded for second and third place teams, as well as door prizes awarded at the Biggest Loser Awards Party.


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