6002 Slide Rd
Lubbock, TX 79414
(806) 791-5459

The Candy Wrapper has all kinds of candy and gift baskets ... including 100 varieties of sugar free!

But something very unusual is BIG FUN right now!

Something very
crazy and fun is

happening at
The Candy Wrapper
at South Plains Mall!

Kids are wanting to
"eat a cricket"
so they can be
on the

In fact, it's become part of many birthday parties and fun for kids.

come in three flavors:
Bacon & Cheese
Sour Cream & Onion
Chocolate Covered.


Candy of all sorts ... including
100 varieties of sugar free!
M&M's of every color always
make a splash!



Gift Baskets!
Custom made
or ready to buy now!

They come in all sizes filled with the freshest candies and confections.


Gift prices range from
$5 to $20.
Baskets begin at $30.






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