MD Resort was built with Family Vacation Getaways in mind!
With a little bit of everything for a family getaway, MD Resort offers a swimming pool, hot tub, hammock, basketball,
horseshoes, indoor game room including a pool table, ping pong and your choice of board games.
There is something for the whole family ... but of course, you can book it for your next scrapbook weekend, wedding
or family reunion.

MD Resort is a new kind of "ranch" and "roughing it"!
817-489-5150 ~ 866-489-5150

We thought this was a ranch ... but it's really a "mecca" of relaxation.
Quiet, green, acres of walking, and
ammenities galore at the price of a bed and breakfast.

Fresh air is easy to find in the
peaceful grounds of MD Resort.

We started walking toward the horses and they walked toward us. They were
friendly and even gave away "kisses" (for those of us who wanted them!)

Time with the kids is hard to find. But when they see this really cool pool ... they'll love it. Plus just sitting and relaxing is great quality time.

We stayed in the Western Vista
room and look at that view
-- nicely named!

The room right next door is this beautiful Yellow Rose Room.

The Royal Suite ... is just that ...
Royal, for sure!


If you find yourself in this section of Texas ... or anywhere NEAR the Dallas/Fort Worth area ... DO NOT miss BABES!

If you eat there, you only get two choices:
Fried Chicken & Chicken fried steak.
Generous portions and all-you-can eat sides and biscuits are served home style.

Be prepared to wait at least a half-hour to eat ... and sometimes it's 45 minutes
... but well worth the wait!



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