The Fall Fashion Swap is a fun promotional idea created by My Friend's Closet and the Lubbock Fun Club
as an exclusive offer for the VIPs of Lubbock Fun Club. Click here to learn more about how this particular program works!

If you are a VIP, you will be receiving your certificate to participate in the SWAP automatically.
If you are not a VIP, click here to learn more about becoming one! This is a good time to upgrade yourself. It's only $20 bucks a year and includes a variety of fun things we can add through the year. Plus ... the "welcome aboard" gifts more than pay for the year!

* You bring in an outfit or items that you don't want. It's smart to bring in items that you think have the most value.
* Laura Parker, shop owner, will assess your items' value and give you that many "VIP BUCKS" in credit. You won't actually receive any financial return for these but it will give you an idea of what you can get in return for the outfit you brought to the SWAP!
* Enjoy shopping through the wonderful variety they have and find other things for a similar value that you would rather have.

That's it. Have fun!

It's Fall. The weather's changing already ... and it's time for new fashions. How cool to bring in an outfit you just don't want or just don't wear ... and leave with something else you can really use.

The Little print:
Of course, there are some safeguards to make sure this works out well for everyone ... but Laura can help you with any questions you may have.
Certificates are NOT transferable and usable only one per person. Good for one item or one outfit only! Be sure and use your certificate by November 15 or it will be invalid after that. This is a free gift for being a VIP and not what you are paying for anyway. So enjoy it if you want to and don't feel obligated if you don't.

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